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PAUL HULJICH was born in Auckland, New Zealand. As a child, Paul used to ride around Auckland on his second hand red bicycle, which was his pride and joy, dreaming that one day he would build his dream home on  Auckland majestic waterfront. It seemed like an impossible dream. He was blessed with a happy childhood with wonderful  loving parents, brothers and grandparents. Paul developed two burning aspirations in life as a youth: to feed the body and nourish the soul.  As a young teenager Paul bought into the American dream that is: to work hard and achieve great success allowing him to be free and enjoy life as he wished.  At a very early age, his life was dedicated to working, from caddying at the local golf club to collecting bottles and mowing lawns to laboring at construction sites, or working milk rounds to earn his own money.

Huljich was a university drop out. He started his first entrepreneurial business while he was in his first year at Auckland University at the age of 17 years, while doing a commerce degree. He started distributing fruit juices in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was called  Auckland Wide Discounting Ltd. and Auckland Wide Distributors Ltd. He was involved in many businesses and investments over the years, his mission was, ''turning lemons into lemonade".

Paul Huljich co-founded Best Corporation in 1985 with his two brothers, a pioneering organic foods company of which he was chairman and joint-CEO. Its motto was "Good better best, never shall we rest, until our good is better, and our better best". He led the company to unparalleled success, during which time its value grew to more than $100 million. The company was listed on the stock exchange in December 1991 and sold to a multinational food company a number of years later.

Due to uncontrolled stress, Huljich gradually developed  over time a number of stress-related conditions, including anxiety and depression. Ultimately, in 1998, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by several psychiatrists, as a result of years of unchecked stress since he was a teenager. That same year, he experienced a complete mental breakdown, losing his rights as a citizen and being made a ward of the state. The consequences of which was disastrous to him and his immediate family. Despite seeking the best care available, Huljich was informed that there was no cure, and that he would be dependent on medication for the rest of his life for this stress induced illness, and that he would inevitably relapse. He felt like a broken man. Determined to free himself of his conditions, he began a comprehensive search for answers as to why this happened to him. He travelled to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and voluntarily admitted himself to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas for treatment. While there he immersed himself, in all the study programs which were offered in anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, addictions and bipolar disorder and others. He used this information as a basis for the research he was to embark on for the future.

Aided by exhaustive research, Huljich ultimately succeeded in fortifying himself and conquering his stress. He was able to overcome his debilitating conditions and accomplish a healthy, positive way of life, naturally. He allowed natures magic to be his guide and was able to develop the nine-step LifeReStyle Process to break the cycle of stress and achieve a unique LifeRestyle Solution and thrive.

Paul has invested and operated in leadership management roles in a diverse range of commercial business interests in a number of countries since 1998. In 2009, while walking on Avalon beach in Sydney, Paul was inspired watching the waves rise and fall the words Mind Wellness Awareness came to him – MwellA was conceived!

The MWellA community seeks to build an awareness of  ‘mind conditions’, and work with other organizations of similar ethos that   understand that ‘prevention is the key; that it is far better than recovery’ and to help give people hope. Inspired by Paul’s ultimate purpose in life, MWellA hopes to guide those who wish to seek peace of mind, contentment and happiness; through providing them with the resources necessary to achieve longevity, optimum health, complete wellness and balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Paul’s first novel Betrayal of Love and Freedom is a psychological thriller. An experience of awareness, it is a story told through a variety of characters that are challenged with different twists and turns caused by various mind conditions. A story “based on a little truth” of awareness of one man’s struggle and triumph over a serious neurochemical imbalance of the mind. Betrayal of Love and Freedom spans over five decades, four continents and at its very core has a compelling love story with a happy ending.

Huljich is now launching his second edition of Stress Pandemic (Ed2): 9 Natural steps to break the cycle of stress and thrive. He shares in this book his personal story, his struggle, his difficulties and finally his path and the steps he took to  achieve complete recovery, optimum wellness and how he was able to master the technique that could empower and fortify him against the challenges of stress in everyday life.

Since the year 2000, Paul has not taken any psychotropic or psychiatric medication, or any medication related to mental illness, including medications such as sleeping tablets. Nor has he suffered any relapse of depression, bipolar condition or had a consultation with any psychiatrist, therapist, or doctor regarding mental illness.
He has fully cured himself, never felt better and lives a happy, joyful, and fulfilling life.

He enjoys many forms of sports and exercise from hiking to boating and water sports, to walking barefoot on Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, to Bondi Beach in Sydney or Auckland’s majestic waterfront and Central park, New York. He participates in meditation, yoga, stress reduction techniques, a natural Good-Food diet including juicing, positive thinking, and restful sleep. Paul presently resides in New York City.

Today Huljich is one of America’s top stress experts, a public speaker, a stress management and LifeReStyle coach, a member of the American Institute of Stress.

He has appeared in over 500 radio shows including BBC, Bloomberg, and Fox television, a regular personality on television and press, while blogging for Psychology Today and conducting motivational seminars.  He has been on a 40-city author tour in 2012-13. Paul has been conducting seminars in the Omega Institute in N.Y. and on the Island of Maui - Hawaii to mention a few. He is a regular speaker at many colleges, universities and corporations.

Huljich is the father of three sons: Mark, Simon and Richard. He resides in New York City for most of the year and visits his homeland, New Zealand, regularly.